Hello, my name is Linda Allison and I am the Founder and President of Allison Management Solutions.

I believe that most leaders already know what the things they need to do to be successful. They miss their potential because they just don’t get them done. 

I also believe that, despite their best intentions, many leaders short-change their team’s potential because they don’t get them connected to, and motivated about the key success factors in their organization. 

I have spent my career creating, organizing, and motivating teams to get results and reach their potential. I combine business acumen and people management in a unique way that is powerful in both moving your organization forward and creating a challenging and rewarding environment for your team. 

I believe that you can create an environment that cares about business and people.

My experience in managing people and getting results from the shop floor to the board room in very challenging environments has led me to create systems that start working quickly and grow in effectiveness the longer you use them. They not only get everyone focused on the most important things, they allow your team to explore their own capabilities and broaden the push for success across your whole organization.

Linda Allison

Linda Allison

Founder, Allison Management Solutions

I implement strategies that bring you results.

Event + Response = Outcome

Three reasons to work with AMS today!


Many organizations develop Mission and Vision statements but are then stumped about how to achieve them. Do you have a clear idea of what success looks like and how you plan to achieve it?  AMS can work with you to assess the facts about where you are right now and develop a plan that gets you to the next level. Do you know how your team is doing on Focus?


Activity is often confused with results. Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you are working on the right things. AMS can help you identify the results that tell you if you are moving the right direction, define the needed actions, and make sure your team is set up to get those results. Is your team taking effective Action?


In order to get consistent results, you need a disciplined, consistent management system that focuses on them. Of course, these are not fun words but they are the “secret sauce” of successful organizations. How does your team stack up on focusing on Results?

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